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Laughing with you was the very best part of that party. Yes, I said it. Suburban Kamikaze is even better than a whole fountain full of chocolate. You can quote me on that.

Also, can I be part of the stalkerazzi that wants to be included in Rita's next book? I have no plan for how to get noticed, though I'm not above trying to make us matching dresses out of actual chocolate. Oh, we have to write something publishable? Can we write it in chocolate?


If everyone is doing it, you should do it too. Just say NO to jumping off a bridge though.
(there you go. 140 words or less)


Because it would be fun to stalk you & Bossy on the same site?


You are the greatest. That only took 17 characters and some spaces.

Felicia Yonter

Because your readers, like me, will share with their followers the magnificence that is SK.com and they will share and they will...you see?

Mr Lady


Are you joking? Seriously. You were THERE? I feel so cheated.

Suburban Kamikaze

I was looking for you. But then MommyTime, Bossy and the Hotfessional started buying me drinks. Which, as it turned out, were actually free, so apparently I put out for nothing.


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