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Audubon Ron

As a native of New York City, I can attest to it's maturing qualities. She'll be fine, you'll be fine, all will be fine. I love New York. Always have, always will.

Non-Venom Sucking Co-Conspirator's Dad

You don't suck venom out for snakebites.

Not Really A Drama Queen

Actually, my one and only note said, I wish you were coming with me ... never mind. You scozzgobble, you peevish rumpfed rabbit sucker. I'm having so much fun without you.

The Best Co-Conspirator ever in the history of  co-conspirators

Even though we have had a devious past, we still love you ... not
it was fun meeting Anne, though, and her boyfriend Sting

Suburban Kamikaze

NRADQ: Are you forgetting the message on the phone screen? The Post-It on the desk? I am glad to see you are getting some use out of your Shakespearean insults however.
TBCEITHOC: Ouch. That really ... stings!
Dad: I can't believe Mr. Kamikaze would lie to me like that...

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