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all things BD

I think it looks lovely and natural and bunny-welcoming. So there.


You mean bunny and mosquito garden, don't you? Lotta shade there.

Audubon Ron

I don't get it, is there something dead buried in there? What?


Ummm. I'm gonna have to side with Mr. Kamikaze on this one. Looks a little sparse.


Ah, making memories. Sinking, drifting memories.


Oops, too much negativity here. It looks cool and welcoming and should fill out nicely by the end of the summer. More mulch, though; you'll be battling weeds in about a week and a half otherwise. Nice job, SK.


You need a table to place the wine bottle and glasses!

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, it doubles as a pet cemetery. So I guess it is more of a bunny memorial garden. But we are surreptitiously expanding it. We are thinking of adding a putting green and an aviary. Our creative vision is unbounded by arcane leveling procedures.

Sixth Grader

It looks great. Just one thing... there is a difference in the mulch colors. Don't you think that it looks lighter in some spots and darker in others?

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