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Ms. Maxwell

Her glasses scream "but Mom made up for it with SK fashion sense!" Rockin' specs.


Well, at least you were the one who noticed. I took my son for his driving test, he gets to the vision test and the guy tells him to read the first line. My son says "What line?".


Ummm. FYI, you should probably start having her brush her teeth and visit the dentist as well. Regular doctor visits for shots are also recommended. Are there any other obvious mom jobs you are unaware of?


I vividly remember getting new glasses every year at that age, as my eyes worsened significantly each year for a decade or so. I remember that the day I walked out of the office with the new glasses, the world was a marvel. The grass was made up of INDIVIDUAL BLADES! Trees had LEAVES! The world was miraculous. I'm glad she's enjoying it. (And don't forget to get her eyes rechecked every fall before the school year starts. Nearsightedness can progress fast at that age.)

Suburban Kamikaze

I don't know why they can't just do all that stuff at the salon. It would be so much more convenient...


You thought she was hard on your fashion choices before, now she can actually see what Mom is wearing!


PS Young nth goes for his first eye exam on Tuesday, so SK may have some company in Mommie Dearest World.

Mr Lady

Oh my god, she is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life.

Like, ever.

parenting BY dummies

Don't sweat it. Mine told us he thought his toe was broken. We told him to get over it. He turned out to be correct. Go figure.

Executive Suburbanite

13 days between posts? This is what I want to get to the bottom of - what, like you've been busy taking your kids to doctor appointments?


You mean "walk it off" doesn't always work? Crap, now I'll have to go have another kid so I can get it right this time.

Thanks, thanks a lot.

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