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Ok, my computer screen is kind of small so I didn't see the picture until later. So I was thinking you were talking about Tom Jones (King of Hurled Underwear). Now I can stop fighting the nausea. All better.

Suburban Kamikaze

Well I'm sure he is a very nice man. But my iPod is spoken for.



I need a few more i's dotted and t's crossed. Broken blender to symphony? The musicians are so poor they have to moonlight as small appliance repairmen, thus you found a blender repairman who gave you tickets to the symphony and invited you backstage?

Suburban Kamikaze

The blender was shattered. There was nothing left to repair. I had to borrow a blender.

Audubon Ron

I want to bite your neck. How's that for a groupie?

Suburban Kamikaze

That's what he said.

In the version I am embellishing.


I'm using my imagination but shattered blender to Sting does not seem a direct path. Were you and Sting's Roadie both reaching for the same blender at Costco and noted that you both had S-T-I-N-G tatooed across your sweaty (hence the simultaneous blender accidents) palms? Were you stealing a blender backstage at the symphony because in the post appocalyptic world that is Chicago there were no more blenders left in the bunkers at Macy's? What?


Sting. Tantra. SEVEN HOURS.

Hope Mr. K is up for the competition.

Just sayin'


Oh, almost forgot:

Pink & blue bunnies -- that's suburban hot.

Just sayin'

Suburban Kamikaze

I heard him say once that 7 hours includes dinner and a movie... He's funny too! Still, he's no Mr. Kamikaze...

I would fill in the blender-to-backstage details, but these versions are so much better.

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