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I once paid an exotic vet more than $100 bucks to save a very small slider turtle we found in the parking lot at the local YMCA. My children named it after their cousin. It survived but when it (pardon for I don't know what sex it was) showed further signs of ill health a year or so later I made up a ritual and stated it must be released into the creek at the nearby park. Once was enough...

Audubon Ron

Count yourself fortunate, I live with the animal rescue woman.
I tried to shoot my dog Zelda twice before my wife finally intervened and took the dog in. Zelda was a stray and kept coming around after the ducks. The first time I couldn’t get a good bead on her and was afraid of hitting my neighbor’s truck and the second time the gun jammed. The bill for heart worms, some other kind of worms and tick removal, not to mention the new bedding, dog bowl, dog toys and collar and stuff - $1,200. The cost of a bullet? - Not much.
I thought you grew up in Chicago. Huh.


When did your husband become the good parent? Scary how these things change.


I have a dedicated credit card for vet expenses. Some women shop, some women lunch, some women decorate, I hand money to my vet.

Suburban Executive

When the smell of dog pee joins the smell of cat pee on the Turkish rug, I will once again be able to reign superior in the pet-parenting realm.

Suburban Kamikaze

I wouldn't worry about it. You won't even be able to smell the dog pee over the cat pee.

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