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Ms. Maxwell

As a recovering Suburban Executive myself, I regard it as a dying breed. Show her the way to freedom!

Audubon Ron

Yo wait a minute. Tell me where yo'll be. I'm packing too much too.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am in an undisclosed tropical location where I am already sporting a Midwestern tourist-style sunburn.


um, undisclosed? I think the alert reader will note that you mentioned South Beach...

Suburban Kamikaze

There are no alert readers here. That is what the two-drink minimum is for, silly.

Suburban Executive

I'm not sure I did use the word monetize. I believe I said something like, "make some freaking money." Or, I actually believe I wrote you an email entitled "Why you will never make money off your blog"

Suburban Kamikaze

You could have just sent a check.


And here's why I love you and your blog so much: you are having a conversation in your comments with someone with whom you are apparently on a tropical vacation. As if that were preferable to, you know, actually talking about this topic over mojitos in a real bar. You crack me up no end. I wish I were there drinking a mojito with you. (I promise I'd only talk when you weren't typing.)

Suburban Kamikaze

Sadly, we were no longer bickering from our beach chairs at that point. Plus I never type over mojitos. The only electronic device I use regularly on vacation is an iPod, which I managed to leave on Miami Beach. I suppose I really ought to write something new to replace the now ancient news of my tropical vacation and stop subjecting you to an intractable debate in which my executive-type friends urge me to cash in on the lucrative world of blogging. Or something like that. I really wasn't paying attention.

Sheesh. I need a vacation.



hilarious! um, i have to agree w/ you Suburban Executive friend about the j. jill ladies. i put them in the same category as the chicos ladies. it's that special place where comfort completely wins and takes over...


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