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'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why!

I love home improvement store kink! Tell me that's what you were getting at, otherwise I've got a problem with my mind and a gutter!


Who knew Home Depot could be so sexy?

Royce Cutlass

I think it’s called nesting. If you’re drinking a corona it’s called seduction.

My wife and I do reruns of the old TV show Combat with Vic Marrow when we are in Home Depot. Lots of hiking with weapons drawn off safety and plenty of ambushes. Me hearing that constant Home Depot jingle from her as I touch – things -, “Don’t we already have that at home?”

A picture. Thank you.


Sick and twisted. I love it.


Nothing wrong with a little soft porn at the Home Depot.


Dom Depot

Fingering the pipes, I'm on my way baby! Can't you get arrested for do'in dat!.
cheers from.
Just say yes to crack, The Plumber.

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