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Also, it's a store brand so it will separate into water and red dye within about two weeks.


Well, since they didn't miss you, you can come on back! We never did get to the beach, where Dr. L is having breakfast with her family right now...wait, have you checked on the rabbit? No matter how clever he may seem Mr. SK has a weakness and though he may have nailed the individual trees, the forest still lurks...


You had me at "Pine-Sol and resentment."
You speak the truth.


Ooh, I just noticed! Why's the Baileys so far in the back?


I know exactly what you mean. I think my husband has perfected a fire drill system that is put into place an hour before I arrive. The dead giveaways are the sheet marks on his face from napping and the fact the washing machine has tipped over in the basement due to an oversized load.


My husband buys the giant bottle also. He just manages to eat it on almost everything so he actually gets a pass on it. I get the big bottle of chocolate syrup and just go around looking for things to put it on...hehe.

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