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You are approaching this the wrong way, SK. Here is what you need to say: "I love eggs but I only buy eggs from companies that are nice to their chickens. That is why I buy Eggland's Best. The Eggland chickens are cage-free. This does not necessarily mean that they are allowed outside, but that's ok; have you ever seen how muddy a barnyard can get? So Eggland takes care of their chickens in a way that appeals to me, a blogger with lots of wealthy liberal readers who have the welfare of chickens on their minds for much of the day. I and all these wealthy people sleep better at night knowing that the chickens whose eggs we eat are content, and as everyone knows, sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why, the happy chicken, of course - how else can you get such fantastic eggs?"
I prefer expensive free-range eggs myself, because then I know they really are very nice to their chickens. But don't tell the Eggland people that, and enjoy the money I helped you win.

Royce Cutlass

You're a GREAT writer and love of my heart.


Suburban Kamikaze

I am all for being nice to chickens, but I guess my point Sue, is how would you know? This company has twice had to settle with the FTC over charges its nutritional claims were deceptive. Now it wants mommy bloggers to spread the message. Mommy Bloggers don't answer to the FTC. Otherwise I could never hawk my Get Rich, Lose Weight and Make Your Children Behave While You Sleep Beauty Cream.

*$99.95, while supplies last.



Well of course one never knows if the chicken people are being nice to chickens. That's why you must pay attention to labels that might falsely indicate niceness - like "cage free". Of course Eggland's nutritional claims could be bogus; so could their nice chicken claims. Enter the contest with your own bogus information and win it; you've already demonstrated that you can write a potentially-winning entry while also telling the truth, which most mommybloggers and mommybloggerreaders will spot a mile away. I just think that the (bogus) happy-chicken angle will take you over the top.

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