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You know what's frustrating? Your husband goes away for the weekend (that's not the frustrating part). You make sure you have P&P95 from the library (because Blockbuster doesn't have anything but that Keira Knightly version, which is acceptable but really no comparison) You are all set to do a wine, fast food and dvd marathon and you go to get your carefully written instructions for the several remotes it will take to get the dvd player going. And you can't find the instructions so you have to CALL YOUR HUSBAND to talk you through it. You feel like Karen Black in Airport 75 (look it up, youngster).

Suburban Kamikaze

It is almost certainly part of a larger conspiracy to make us feel helpless, going all the way back to Airport 74 even...

Executive Suburbanite

I still can't figure out how you can keep up this blog with videos, photos and links and not turn on your damn TV. I realize this is probably some kind of coven violation but what the hell I'm so deeply in trouble anyway ... thank God there are Coach bags to pull me out of oblivion.

Sarah K

i once called my husband at work and freaked out on him cuz i pressed the wrong button on the remote and couldn't get it back to normal, and dammit, oprah was on! (i divorced him and his fancy electronics, and am now happy with my 20" tv with built in vcr, thank you very much.) you are not alone, sister.

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why!

We have the same remote. I hate it!

Suburban Kamikaze

Well Executive, for one thing there are Typepad people at my beck and and call. And I'm sure I could master the remote, if there were a reason to turn the television on more than twice a year. But there isn't, so I don't. And yes, thank god for Coach and executive friends. The bag is beautiful and so simple to operate!

Some matching gloves would be nice.


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