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Mr Lady

This popped up in my reader, and I swear I thought it said, "World's Tallest Clit."

Apparently, my reader dropped the e. And now I'm a little sad, yet a little relieved.

Suburban Kamikaze

That would really be thinking out of the box.



Audubon Ron

Da-Yum that child is – there is something wrong with that child. World’s tallest clit, something wrong.

I can’t translate cueur. I got a monsieur, but no mon cueur.

So much that lives, sir will not change. Am I close?

It’s a shame to waste all this French on the knucklette above and the knucklehead here.

Suburban Kamikaze

The poem, which appears in the sixth volume of Dorothy Dunnett's heart-pounding Francis Crawford series, first appeared around 1504, (according to "The Dorothy Dunnett Companion") and so uses an archaic spelling of the French word for heart.

However you spell it, this poem is pure chick bait. Though it doesn't hurt if you are also a multilingual 16th century lute-playing mercenary poet/swordsman who is built like a god.

The line is translated: "long as I live, my heart will never change..."

I read it for the history...


Audubon Ron

I knew that.

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