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The "excerpts" part instructs you to only capitalize the first letter of the heroine's name. Darn, I couldn't decide between LaShawnDa or TayKwondo and now I can't use either.

Suburban Kamikaze

I also found the pet requirement a little off putting. Why must I designate a dog or a cat to share my romance novel? Is this one of the conventions?


Well. It all sounded perfect. Until I read about their love scenes not being "explicit." Yawn.

For me, it's raw and primal...or nothing.

So, now I'm back to the home-made mom-porn idea again.

I wonder if I can include my pets in that, too?

Audubon Ron

A guy really doesn't belong commenting on this one. I’m all freaking turned on here and Mrs. Duck has no idea why I’m fix’in to rumpus a frolic through her vegetables – as soon as I wipe the potato chips crumbs off my chest.

Suburban Kamikaze

Nothing like a little pirate porn to raise the ... spirits. As we like to say in playgroup, badly written pirate porn is better than no pirate porn at all.

Happy Valentine's Day.



I swear, all I can think to say is that Barbie looks really good for 50...romance novel covers huh? Ken must be out of work. And I kind of like the idea of a pet porn novel. Or, wait, I've missed the point again haven't I?

Suburban Kamikaze

Maybe you have and maybe you haven't. I found it kind of hard to tell what they were going for exactly...

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