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Mr Lady

Before you say hello, before you take your shoes off, take pictures. Please.

I can't wait to see him go down.

Ms. Maxwell

*Can* does not equal *will*. But he'll learn. If he survives.


THIS is a serious gauntlet he has thrown down. I wonder if he will be able to find it under the piles of laundry, unsigned permission slips, and pizza boxes two weeks from now? Or perhaps I'm being unfair and just projecting what would happen at my house? I'll be interested to see.

Well Read Hostess

This is going to be good...do you think you can convince him to take photos and update us regularly?


When you return and find him a broken man, you must be kind.


He'll win. He'll take the kids out for every meal to avoid dishes and have them marching like little soldiers before she returns.

Suburban Kamikaze

I do hope they'll be lined up and answering to whistles, like those adorable Von Trapp children. Singing is probably too much to hope for...



Sister mercy.

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why

Let us know how that works out for him. I suffer the same problems at my house with the creeping death of disorder. We'll see how I do on my own.

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