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Audubon Ron

The little woman and I celebrated our anniversary tonight at a sushi bar. I saw conch on the menu and inquired. Its a clam. I asked, “Can I see what it looks like.” They showed it to us. I exclaimed, “IT LOOKS LIKE A Vagi…” The little woman interrupted quickly and said, “Don’t say it.” No thanks. Don’t ask for conch. The rest of it was wonderful and naturally I’m sitting here miserable from all the rice expanding in my tummy.

Suburban Kamikaze

There is nothing like a good Key West style conch fritter, or marinated conch salad. Now you are making me homesick.

Try the conch you silly prude. And Happy Anniversary.


Seriously, Jess

Do you rent them out for parties? I could use some extra help around here. :)

Rattling the Kettle

But can they mix a martini?

Executive Suburbanite

Suburban Overachiever is a good name for our Japanese friend. All that time at the investment bank. She really is seething inside with unfulfilled ambition, you just know it.

Sarah K

I can't wait for the blog titled "Sure, girls! You can pretend the dining room is Benihana!"

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