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Audubon Ron

Hey, who are you calling a hamball?

Mr Lady

Take two:

That hamball gives me THE SHIVERS.


Only partly true? Did these South Florida journalists get their alcohol-soaked memories/facts mixed up? Does that mean you danced on a longshoreman and - what did you do to that pool table?


I like the addition of the palm trees and sea shell decoration. I know when I'm at the beach, the first thing I want on hand is a hamball.

PS- Those journalist friends of yours are just jealous they're not born-entertainers--like you.

We can't all be the center of attention.

Someone has to be the audience.

PPS- Those stories will build your repuation to that of mythic proportions.

In no time, you will be god-like.

I'll drink to that!

Suburban Kamikaze

How I would love to believe that Eurolush, but trust me when I say it wasn't pretty. Sadly, I was a few drinks short of avoiding the next day's total recall.
Still, it was a lovely hamball.


I was sure you would entitle this "Faceplant in the Hamball" or that we would have at least a paragraph on why one should be cautious pairing most 1995 Vintages of Mike Ditka Beaujolais with Key Lime Shrimp... And lucky for you, we hid the lampshades long before the (ham) ball dropped. However we just didn't think to stash the er, longshoreman. No matter. Dr. Liz will sort it all out. As long as there were no pictures, I think you are fine. Perfectly fine...

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