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I imagine that first photo is the direct result of your ill-advised, but highly entertaining New Year's Eve Backyard "Ice Capades" Show.

You should probably avoid the triple axel attempt next time. No one believed you when you said you'd already landed it hundreds of times before. They certainly didn't believe it when you lunged into the air and ended up breaking through the back fence into your neighbor's yard. Awkward.

I'm not saying it wasn't entertaining. I'm just suggesting something a little more attainable next time.

PS- The last two photos look as though someone has unearthed a rough-cut diamond in the backyard. Perhaps your ship has finally come in.

Suburban Kamikaze

All I can say is, I am very, very thankful that no one at my New Year's Eve gathering thought to suggest backyard Ice Capades.



These are gorgeous photos. And in that top one, someone has definitely been practicing her ice-dancing spins (though perhaps in secret).

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