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Mr Lady



I'm wondering if SK tells Mr. K the bad news face to face, or if he needs to read her blog to find out...

Suburban Kamikaze

Sometimes I just scratch out a little note in the frost on the windows. It says: "I'd be naked in Fort Lauderdale."



I feel the same way and I'm actually from Chicago. I can't even use the Miami thing. My dearheart gets his extra points for moving me up to Wisconsin where it's all the way up to one degree today, blaze orange is a fashion statement and a hot night out is Friday night fish fry at any one of the 270 bars located along the two-block stretch that is Main Street. I have come to love this state but not in winter. Not In Winter.

Audubon Ron

I'm hip. Chances Mrs. Kamikaze will visit Audubon Ron and post a comment. Minus zero.

Suburban Kamikaze

Be careful what you wish for Audubon. I might go over there and leave my grocery list in your comments section. That is sometimes the best writing I do all day.





was gonna post the temp here, but i see you are keeping track :) King Mango Strut is today and I am kinda bummed that its gonna be so warm. The irony is that I love the seasons, all of them, but the DC ones, not the Chicago ones.

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