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Audubon Ron

At the tip top peak of the roof hanging lights? The man is not insane, he courageously loves his family to risk, life, limp and the pursuit of Griswolds Christmas Vacation.

You must reward him for that.

(Mr. Kamikaze, let me know how it goes. I got your back buddy.)


Yep, that is what our house looked like this weekend. Like someone threw up Christmas all over it. But, we got everything decorated and looking good...until today, when I came home to find our tree on the floor, broken ornaments everywhere.
Sigh. Why do we bother??? :)


We do not have this problem in our house. My husband was a Christmas-abused child, having to help his dad with outside decorations year after year under the careful direction of his mom. You couldn't get him to place a string of lights outside if you put a gun to his head. Inside, we have such a phenomenally destructive cat that the most we can do is throw a 50-lighter on a scheffalera. But that's ok, because across the street our neighbors have a 10-foot-tall, blow-up, moving merry go round that lights up and gives us lots to remark on.

Suburban Kamikaze

I think we must be neighbors.


Executive Suburbanite

I'm with Sue. I cannot GET my family to help me with Christmas decorations and am debating just not bothering. Fine, we don't have time to decorate, we don't have time to shop for presents. Do I have the guts to stick with this?

Suburban Kamikaze

"D" is for delegate, Executive.

You didn't get to the top of your failing industry by asking for help, did you?


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