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Cynthia Barnett

Ya'll taxpayers wouldn't believe what's in those boring reports and what's said about you suckers -- even in public meetings. I can only imagine what they say when no reporter shows up. BTW SK, how do I get the guy to call me back after he's already hung up 2x?

Suburban Kamikaze

Are people really so rude Cynthia? I always assume it is some sort of phone glitch on my end - and I make a point of calling back to apologize for it.


Robert K

Well, this post wasn’t funny at all, was it? Just terribly sad and entirely true. When I left the business – and by “the business,” I mean the industry – 15 years ago I was sure I was going to miss it horribly. Turns out it was very shortly after I left that it more or less ceased to exist. {I’m not going to go all post hoc ergo propter hoc and suggest a correlation – I leave, journalism falters. But you can draw your own conclusions.}

As for small dailies as the best training grounds, you are spot on. Nothing prepares you to speak truth to power like being a cub reporter arguing for space on Metro front.

Also, you mentioned testosterone and caffeine but forgot nicotine and alcohol. When I started, the smoke hung from the ceiling of the newsroom like a nimbus cloud. If you were out of tobacco, you could always just push a straw up into the haze. I’m guessing (hoping?) the alcohol thing remains the same, but I fear all of today’s reporters are spending all their money on lattes and I-phones. And smoking is a crime and drinking will get you "counseled" by the HR department -- as, sadly, will calling a female colleague a "skirt."

Oh, and kiddo (we called people kiddo a lot when I started out and I haven't been able to shake it), that is EXACTLY how you get the call through the third time. It is a time honored and effective technique – that always DID work a lot better for skirts.


"You want bigger pictures, fewer words, more stories about celebrities, they say..."

I think I need to write a letter to the editor of our paper, letting him know that is *not* what I want.


Oyvey. What a time.

Suburban Kamikaze

A letter to the editor is a good start. A campaign like the one over a 30-second advertisement for a pain reliever is probably too much to hope for...


Well, this just speaks to me. I left the business two years ago for reasons other than the crappy state of the newspaper business. But now it appears there isn't a business to return to. The last paper I worked at shut down on Nov. 30 due to all the issues you listed and more. We like to say: "Here lies (newspaper name) crushed to death by the 30 percent profit margin."

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