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I sincerely hope the news from the Tribune does not personally affect you. By the way, apparently you cannot be bought; nothing happens when I try to click on that icon. I can fedex you some groceries if you prefer. Some nice Wisconsin cheese and Door County wine to share with your wonderful husband. Let me know.

Suburban Kamikaze

You don't even have to click it. Blogher pays just because you're here...



Seriously, Jess

What a charmer.

Suburban Kamikaze

Why the Hallmark people haven't recruited him yet is beyond me.


Audubon Ron

Now how do I respond to that? Huh? How?

Mr. Kamikaze wins the love language award this year.

I’m going to be contender next year.

Actually I came close, I told the Little Woman this weekend when she started mouthing off that it's a good thing she's cute or I'da thrown her out by now. How many points do I get on the love Richter for that one?

Suburban Kamikaze

Well it's not exactly Byron is it? But there's a certain raw sincerity to it, which, if properly paired with jewelry and good wine, might get you to a four ...


Executive Suburbanite

Nothing beats the pearls from my (supposedly sensitive) husband, who told SK and I that we looked pretty good for middle aged women, not including celebrities.

Suburban Kamikaze

As I recall, his exclusions also included "women with personal trainers."



"Brutally" cold? You say that as if Winter was a bad thing.

Lets hope the plumbers look like Mike Delfino! :-)


So, will Mr. S get anything besides a blog entry?

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