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Seriously, Jess

Ah, traditions.

One Thanksgiving I deviated from "traditional" mashed potatoes (milk, butter, salt) and added cream cheese, sour cream and chives.

Both he and his mother were outraged that I'd dare to buck tradition.

It was all anyone could talk about that year. "What did Jess do to these potatoes?!?"

Made them FREAKING AWESOME, that's what.


One year we decided to have Lasagne instead of turkey.

Once the, "Helen, there's no turkey on the table" shock subsided, we had a great meal.

However to save Uncle Marshall (Helen's husband) undue stress, the next Thanksgiving had a turkey upon the table.

Cactus Petunia

"I would totally eat that!" she said, after coming to from her self-induced carbohydrate stupor...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Suburban Kamikaze

It was delicious. I used orange-flavored cranberries from Trader Joe's. A toast to Chicago personal chef Ron Bilaro ...


Audubon Ron

The morning after boiled turkey carcass gluten smell does not go well with a hang over. I waited until today to make Duck Tetrazzini. Still, it was marginal.


"Like the Indians had marshmallows."

That line made my starch-filled belly jiggle with laughter! (Oh God, that sounded so gross, sorry for the visual.)


If no one's thanking you on the glittery construction paper dioramas of pilgrim dinner tables, you have a total right to be cranky. And to demand orzo with the "traditional" foods such as marshmallows. I'm just saying...

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