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Mr Lady

Wow. It's child abuse to make a kid WALK? Oh, hell, I'm in deep then. Guess I better go pick them up from school today, huh?


Look at it this way: If society doesn't crack down when someone leaves their misbehaving kid at a McDonald's, pretty soon everyone will be stuffing their kids through the driveup window instead of driving to Nebraska like responsible parents.


I'm thinking of starting a fund for a trip to Nebraska. My son is 12 and trust me, walking home would be the least of his worries.

Tiffany T

Wait a second... aren't there tons of younger-than-11-year-old kids walking home from school or from the bus stop every day?! Of course, I guess those kids aren't screaming at the window, "DAD DON'T LEAVE ME!" Part of me is glad that people are willing to make certain that our kids are okay, but...

I found your blog on All Things BD, and I'm glad I stopped by!


Every parent at that McDonald's has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. They should have banned together and taught the brat the true meaning behind it take a village.

all things BD

I live in Texas, and I know most parents in my neighborhood would APPLAUD me if I did that to my kid. As he walked by, they would probably pile on some lectures, too. If he's got a legal fund, I'm definitely contributing.


"pretty soon everyone will be stuffing their kids through the driveup window" ROTFL Sue My question is, will a 13 year old fit through the typical drive thru window? (hopeful in FL)

Jennifer A

So teaching an 11 year old a life lesson is now child abuse? this world needs help. I was riding my bike two towns over alone by that age.


so what do we do about them kids, then? my eldest is 10 and thankfully still thinks that mom is not kidding :-)


I want to sit down and have a drink with Sue. I've got three kids I'd like to shove through the drive thru window from time to time too.

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