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Robert K

In a Holmesian feat of deduction (Or is it induction? I can never keep those straight.) I conclude that I must have missed another SK appearance on NPR.

Which year-old column did you adapt this time? Is there a podcast? Was the intro sufficiently fawning? Did Nichelle-whats-her-name describe you as a "humorist"?

Hmm. I find that I am pleased that others may have found you, but simultaneously and irrationally put out that's it not just our little secret anymore.

We knew her first.

Just sayin'.

Suburban Kamikaze

I actually missed it too - not a bad thing entirely, I still cringe at the sound of my voice on the air. Who knew I had a Southern accent? Everyone but me, apparently. I keep describing myself as an "essayist" but it hasn't caught on yet...


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