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Ad absurdum!!
(Ok...I looked it up.)
Two things: One, loved the ATC bit, which I never realized/made the connection before, even though I listen to NPR.
Two, finally did the Seven meme, although I took liberties.

Audubon Ron

Soli capita with a knuckle sandwich.

I would have lost it entirely, and said, “Don’t come home, go directly to a shelter and convince everyone you’re an orphan. It is your only chance for survival.”


This is hilariously funny. I LOVE it. ad infinitum. Thank you for the great laugh.


You've TOTALLY used up my French, dude. But I could follow it.

Way to go, and next time drive him PAST the school and drop him off. Worked on my 12-year-old brother when I was in high school.

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