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all things BD

Oh dear. This scenario plays out regularly in our house, only I'M THE ONE who plays the role of experiment hijacker.

Erin N.

Ah, I remember it well. She will too, with sentimentality.


Husbands kill any chance of learning. My own prodded me this morning, asking, "Do you approve of the way he's behaving?" I said, "I don't approve of the way either of you are behaving." Now who's in the doghouse without a springy contraption to save my fall?


aargh... I have been accused of bossiness before (an accusation I deny); however, I do like to think that I can appreciate the difference between insisting there ARE better ways to clean a bathroom and allowing a child to figure out for herself better ways to build a gizmo. Perhaps I delude myself, but I will take this lesson to heart so that the delusions do not continue. :)

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