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Ugh, I feel your pain! My 10 year old is horribly picky this year, making shopping a horrendous chore. Next year I'm going to make her shop with her dad...that'll teach her LOL.


This is hilarious. And reading things like this makes me so nervous for when my kids hit school age.

PS Thanks for the tag; I returned the favor today, though if you're not up for another one, I understand. :)


So, I say to my husband, guess what the SK spent on school supplies for her kids this week and he says,"$180 bucks" without even taking a breath. So i say, how did you know that? And he says, " cause that's what we spent on Alex". As feared, The "List" has made its way far past the borders of Illinois....

Executive Suburbanite

I escaped relatively unscathed at $139.50, not sure how. Especially since 11-year-old known as "accomplice" insisted on picking out the designer folders with cute animals on them and designer dividers -- DIVIDERS!!! -- with funky cutout shapes and a color palette that looks like a Martha Stewart swatch collage. What's wrong with the good old yellow sheets and colored tabs?


Great post! Pitch perfect and hilarious. Please keep them coming!

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