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What? You didn't take the "teaching moment" that was right in front of you when India was mentioned as a favorite country? After you've spent ten minutes telling them about how great it is to be female in India (castes! honor killings! Mothers-in-law who set their daughters-in-law on fire!) they might look at their jangly spangles a little differently. And not sleep that night. It's your DUTY to destroy their fun!

Suburban Kamikaze

You're right. I totally blew it. I think they envision India as a giant Claire's outlet.

Gary "old dude"

I guess I am confused, what has Inja got to do with anything?---like hello its so poor and all?

Cuppa Jo

LOL, my 3-year-old has just learned the phrase "I need" as it relates to candy, toys, or anything sparkly. Good to know this is only the beginning...

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