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Audubon Ron

Good thing you didn't ask me, I don't meme, haven't for years, not since the operation.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, you missed a bullet there Audubon. I decided to punish the first seven people on the recent comments list. That will teach them.


Executive Suburbanite

34B? You wish.


Weird fact number eight: you are standing in a mega bookstore, instead of that fantastic bookstore on that main drag next to the train station...

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, well I was in South Florida where the weather and the mojitos are first-rate, but the bookstores, sadly, are not.


(A notable exception: Books & Books, Coral Gables)


I think I will pick up of a copy of that book myself...it is just up my alley.

Thanks for joining in, love your (unique) approach. I guess I can say I have at least one thing in common with you...and most notably, the same bra size. So nothing weird huh? Not even a weird uncle? Doesn't everybody have at least one weird uncle?


Thanks for the tag. I'm going to have to ruminate on this one for a few days.

Cuppa Jo

So I finally got around to posting, thanks for the tag! And for the link to "meme" - I had assumed it was pronounced "Me! Me!" since that's what it's all about. My something learned for the day.

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