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Rattling the Kettle

Note to self: teach Ronen to make coffee as soon as he's old enough to safely handle glass carafe.

Also, mixed drinks.


Yeah. I have one of these here too. I would have smacked mine though....

Teaching them to make mixed drinks is a nice idea, can we teach them how to give shoulder massages too?


Doesn't it kill you? They can navigate the Internet, fix a jammed computer, text five people with one hand and countless other advanced tasks, but ask them to make coffee, put laundry away and it's all .... I don't know what to do.
Two words: selective intelligence.

Robert K

Our older boy, now 15, was taught to make coffee at age seven. He can go from pot half full of old coffee, basket full of old grounds, to that wonderful happy hiss-drip of coffee being produced in under 90 seconds. [This is not a guess. He made me time him.]

In three years he will be graduated and off to some college and it will not be reasonable for us to ask him to come home twice a day to make us coffee. Yes. I'm sure that's right. Not reasonable.

Which is as good an answer as any to the question we're often asked: "Why did you have your two boys 10 years apart?"

Just sayin'.

Kalle C

What a fabulous story, you've just made my monday! I grew up with 3 brothers and now 3 fully accomplished men will wait for my mom or I to make the after dinner coffe. - Boys/Men!


Oh, I have just so so happily read through a whole week of posts I missed while on vacation. Not happy that you are coffee-less in the needy early morning hours, mind you, just happy at your prose prowess.

I LOVE the post about the editors, by the way.

And this one? Well, all I can say is that as soon as my four year old is tall enough to load the grounds into the filter without producing a volcano's worth of "ash" on the counter, you can bet I'm taking your advice and teaching him how to make coffee.


I better start training mine now. Coffee is a necessity, they should teach that in first grade.

BTW, tagging you for a quick meme over at my blog.

Suburban Kamikaze

Cool. I've never been "memed" before. Does that count as 1 thing?
Do I have a deadline?
(Starting to sweat now...)


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