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Robert K

You DO know where all those critters have to go over Christmas break, right?

Just sayin'.

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh %$#@!


Executive Suburbanite

Duh, and you were worried about the fox getting your RABBIT.

Ok, Where Was I?

I wish that were still the secret, you know? Not Oprah's "Secret" but just what I need to perk up my day. I'm feeling bummed or tired, just go into my hamster room.


Hamsters? Hide the ping pong table. you KNOW what I mean...

Suburban Kamikaze

"Ping" and "Pong" were among the names in contention. Some bad memories there...



LOVE the name "Crush" for any tiny little rodent. Excellent. This is awesome.

Audubon Ron

Blivet. Blivet is a respectable hamster name. Gotta know hamsters.

Suburban Kamikaze

Blivet? You may know your hamsters Audubon, but MommyTime apparently knows her fifth-graders. They went with "Crush" - though I believe they were inspired by the soft drink and not the verb.


Robert K



My darling wife, who has taught high school English for 22 years, informs me this is a literary device known as foreshadowing.

Very advanced for fifth grade, though.

Hamster Cage

Good names so far!

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