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Andrea's Sweet Life

Atta girl! Sucking up works wonders!

ok, where was I

Ha! Great post. Those are some fine arguments. I think you need a reality show. I want to watch all this as it unfolds from the comfort of my (quiet) couch.

Audubon Ron

Fine, give her the phone, says me. But while we're negotiating, he gets a driver's license on his legal driver's license birthday (I got mine at 14. I feigned being a farm boy) and the keys to the car, no questions. She can use her cell phone to BEG HIM for a ride. Let’s start the forward looking possibilities now.


Yep, sucking up is good.

I just bought a pay as you go phone, I charge it and give it out as necessary to which ever kid needs it at the time. If they're together the thirteen year old gets it though. Fair? Nope, but that's life here.


Almost the same here yesterday. Husband came home with a new Blackberry. So his 'old' phone was up for grabs.

There was an all in cat fight with the Damn Emos. Like seriously, I haven't seen them so animated in months. Not since the 'last square of chocolate and both had their period' fiasco of April 08.

The war is not over. Hope yours is.

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