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Rattling the Kettle

You're going to go commando? That's hot.

Suburban Kamikaze

If that's what it takes.

Andrea's Sweet Life

I used to go bra-less, but after breastfeeding 2 kids? My bra has nothing to do with satisfying any male's boob fantasies and everything to do with keeping my boobs off the floor. I don't like them to get stepped on, see.

well read hostess

I've been haunted by this funny feeling that something was missing in my life. Now I know what it is. I MUST HAVE a slutty little balcony for the girls (or rather, the old women, but it's good to dream).


tell me, does that balcony-thingy work it so that you can store a drink there with no hands? if so, Vicky's Secret, here i come!

Suburban Kamikaze

It is certainly worth a try.


Hopefully I'm not letting down ma feminist sisters by saying mommypie + no bra = scary scary proposition.

Here's proof: http://mommypie.wordpress.com/2008/07/20/bloghernot-2008-kum-bai-ya-doogs/

Suburban Kamikaze

Mommypie is being modest. The bloodshot amphibian eyeball paint bra is fabulous. That must have been some party.


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