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ok, where was I

LOL. Great post. Won't he love these stories when he's a bit older and perhaps, hopefully, doesn't need to beat a fourth grader anymore?


This is a great story -- and I'm pretty sure it's going to be my life once my daughter starts speaking in full, complete sentences, as it's already starting now, and she's only two. "Mine!" "No, mine." "Brother take it ME!" "shriek" "growl" etc. etc. At least the debates in your family are more intellectual and don't degenerate to animal noises. :)

Manager Mom

You say Grevy's, I say Gravy's.

I have BEEN THERE, my friend. My Boy and My Girl engage in mental jousting deathmatches over the most inane of topics...


You're lucky. The debates in my family START with animal noises.

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