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Manic Mommy

I am totally craving spaghetti now.

And a peppermint mocha latte and I haven't had one of those in like two years.


Tell your office anarchist that the quickest way to green up the world is to green up the corporate wallets. My firm is in the midst of a 3 year transition to "paperless." They are feeling pretty smug about not ordering that recycled paper and not providing us with styrofoam cups (bring your own cups hand made and fired with lead paint in China by children, go ahead, we won't check..) Of course that means we need more computers and more electricity and more electronic doodads and wait, doesn't plastic last forever and aren't forests renewable? I'm so confused. Anyway, it cost them less so they went that way. Now I realize it is up to me to convince them that paper is a good thing and it will somehow, cost them less... follow the money.


Or you can tell your office anarchist that the quickest way to green up the office is to get rid of the boss. The year after my last boss retired, our paper usage went down 89,000 copies. Yup, from one guy. Have your office anarchist suggest firing the boss, that should take care of your problem.


The day my active vocabulary includes the word "scavenge" is the day someone has already pressed a red button somewhere. Until that day, I'll continue to wear animal-tested shlock and drink the $12-per pound Kool-Aid. GREAT READ, MISS KAMIKAZE.

Serendipitous Girl

Fully recognizing that this is blatantly stolen from the New Yorker--I, a former San Diegan living in Portland, OR (read: home of 98% of the Franks in the world)--use the following phrase daily: "I hate it when they act all greener than thou."


I stumbled this way stalking Bossy's Road Trip. It's poetry month, and I've been reading poetry. Is this poetry? It reads like poetry. I quit washing baggies in the seventies..it's not that I don't care, but along the way I learned each solution carries the seeds of the next problem and I'm easily distracted.

Audubon Ron

Good thoughts, I'm a fan.


this really made me laugh - it's like my past and current selves combined. very funny.


Um, Sue, is it possible your boss was the only one working? :-)

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