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Mr Lady

Can I borrow that when she's done?

Audubon Ron

You sure it's harmless? Looks very painful to me.

Ok, Where Was I?

She's a riot! Though I'm with Audubon Ron. I'd like to know what attaches to what or what is inserted into what.

Miss Britt

As soon as they make it in an 8 year old model, I'm sold!

Suburban Kamikaze

According to its creator, the HYPMTWMYPN-3000 involves two chairs and some sort of cap that attaches to your parents' heads.

She also issued a disclaimer: "We are not responsible for pain or injuries."


Harmless yet painful. See? What worry do you have? I mean, it says it all in the fair balance. What could go wrong?


Harmless yet painful. Sounds like Bossy's Excellent Road Trip.

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