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Tell Management Mommy and Creative Mommy that there is a third choice: both parents work opposite hours. Foolery Mommy gets to work all week, coming home to Daddy's World (Where Daddy Is Not Just King But Emperor And Maybe God) in the evenings. And Foolery Mommy gets to be the heavy. And she is loathed by the children, AND she wears clearance rack shoes. So now Management Mommy and Creative Mommy can ease up on each other and disparage Foolery Mommy for a while, because Foolery Mommy deserves it.

(Also, Foolery Mommy loved this post and is sorry for the LONG comment.)

Ok, Where Was I?

I, too, loved this post. I kept thinking, Oh, that's a great line. But then there'd be another and another.

I don't have clearance rack shoes. I have slippers.

Executive Suburbanite

Just out of curiosity, which mom do the four kids like best?

Suburban Kamikaze

That's not a fair question because Management Mommy buys them concert tickets. She plays dirty and she plays to win.

I guess they don't call it "war" for nothing.



I think Overachiever Mommy would have won, had she been entered at the time...

Suburban Kamikaze

There is no question that she should have been in charge of raising them all, but I believe her patented "Look of Disapproval for Performance Below Expectations" would take her out of contention for any popularity-based awards.



Yes, I guess that would be true, but had she been in charge the kids would have grown up eating sushi, goat cheese, arugula (and pop tarts) all this time. Perhaps not at once.

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