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Rattling the Kettle

Have you considered boarding school?

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, well that's really good advice coming NOW. Where were you when I was choosing a career in the low-paying and soon-to-be-extinct newspaper industry, where we are lucky if we can afford to send our children to theater camp?


Is a cage in the attic still illegal?


Life is great isn't it? My girls are 1 and 3 and this is already happening. Good to know its far from over.

Kimberly C

Hi, I stumbled in from BOSSY and have to say, you have certainly kept me from doing laundry today, but I hate laundry so who cares, right?

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh Rachel,

I am not sure where to begin. All I can say is be sure to enjoy the pre-conversational stage!

Thanks for stopping by Kimberly. Come back anytime. I have always found that the laundry does not pile up quite as quickly if you spread it around...

Foolery - I am going to be first in line to buy your parenting book.


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