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suddenly suburban

ah yes... legos.

How we hate them. Stepping on them. Accidently vacuuming them, effectively rendering our vacuum cleaners worthless. Finding them everywhere they shouldn't be and nowhere they should.

And how we hang onto them.

My kids used the same huge container full of legos their older cousin Mike had as a boy.

And we still have them.

I have a grandson now, you know, and in a couple more years...

Miss Britt

The words have passed me by. I'm stuck giggling that they are in a PLASTIC BIN!!

Ok, Where Was I?

This is wonderful (seriously, do you have an agent to peddle your potential collection? I'm not one, so don't worry. Wait, maybe I should become one. I'll do it, I think your posts are great).

I got a bit teary b/c just Saturday I was tired from getting ready for house guests and sat alongside my six year old who asked if I could help him build a house. He looked eagerly at the pictures on the lego tub, and then, I'm embarrassed to say, I helped him whip up a rectangle with a door. No window. And it was only a 1 story, even though we had 30,000 blocks to use up.

Great writing.


I always got frustrated by the wordless instructions that came in the boxes when I was a kid. I usually just ended up trying to figure it out on my own.
As an adult, the only comparable I can think of is Ikea directions. I've tried figuring those out on my own, but it doesn't work out quite as well. I usually end up with dangerous leaning bookshelves that would most likely kill a small child...


My brothers and I spent HOURS scratching at our Legos. We kept them in the bottom drawer of a very large bureau; that sucker was full to the brim. The Legos are now in a kind of passive-aggressive custody battle between Brother #1, he of the undying Lego obsession but without children, and Brother #2, he who has three kids.

The best part about saving them for posterity? Mama Kamikaze gets to do that.

You write so well.

Cynthia Barnett

I admit it, I came here to see if my fave blogger had anything to say about former Gov. Spitzer's marriage. But I would rather read about Legos ... I am still putting them in my pockets and picking them out of the laundry. And I want to say, don't let him sell them, SK. I know it seems like a long way off, but one of the things my kids love about visiting their grandparents is the giant *plastic bin* in the basement full of their uncles' old Legos. I know this doesn't help your organizational plan, but I don't think you or he will regret it.
Keep up the wonderful writing SK and thank you for it!

Robert K

Played Legos just this weekend. Joey is getting more and more into them.

SK, you nailed exactly our greatest Lego-related parental sin: It's not saying "No." That's too hard; I can't usually bring myself to say that. It's saying "Yes," but then not being THERE -- thinking about everything else we have to do (let's admit it, WANT to do).

I really could have done without tearing up just after lunch, you know.

Great article, great writing, as always.


Came here from Bossy and kept reading.

I know how you feel, my son has had Legos for Christmas since he was one. Probably I was projecting, making up for the fact that in our family, my brother got Lego and I got Barbies, but it was the one mom & son activity that I could invest myself in completely without having to kick myself in the butt.

When we moved across the country last summer, I asked him to keep only the toys he REALLY wanted and it broke my heart to see the Lego bin in the "leave" pile.

Somehow, I felt this meant my little boy was gone. I brought the Legos anyway and once in a while I find a block here or there that tells me I did the right thing.

Thanks for sharing. Danielle


I also found you via Bossy. I love this post and could have written it myself (though not nearly as well as you). My son is 10 and I bet he will Lego with me if I can simply find the time to do so.
The carpet cleaners are coming today (!) and I imagine I will unearth several potential Lego projects as I scurry around getting all the stuff OFF the floors in preparation.
Thanks so much for the reminder -

Bonnie in Houston

Poppy Buxom

I found you through Bossy.

I live in Chicago, too.

I have a 13-year-old boy, too.

He never really liked Legos all that much. So why am I all verklempt?

You ... you ... you excellent writer, you.

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