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If this piece right here doesn't end up on a radio near me sometime soon, I will consider it a crime against humanity.

Cactus Petunia

Oooh. I'm not sure I could live among them...tooo scary. They didn't have nothin' like that in NYC where I come from. Here in Oregon, though, it's a different story: we have a two drink minimum in our book club, but we've never had to actually enforce it.

Mr Lady

I have been there. I successfully infiltrated their ranks and got myself elected PRESIDENT of the PTA, tattoos and 19 piercings and all, and I failed. Miserably. And now I want to knit.

Damn them.


Perfect, perfect, perfect! I am the one who thinks belching at the dinner table with family is always a good idea. And doing it in a fancy restaurant is even better? Saying "shit" in church? Drinking way too much and being much too friendly to the neighbors? Being too extravagant? Wearing just a little too much makeup and making sure that the "girls" are showing properly at all times? Hm. The days...


i grew up in Miami - the very south west part - kendall and the only place where we could get away from the cops and do our drinking and smoking peacefully was in the cornfields about 80 blocks west...now a wallmart... Cornfields always bring me back to 10th grade, when Miami was on the verge of explosion expansion- early 90's

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