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I had Kenya Bold this morning too.

The Opera Voice cracks me up.


Opera voice? Snicker. Your post makes me crave Starbucks and a good newspaper. I can get one tomorrow on my way to work; I won't have time to enjoy the paper, though. Rats.

Miss Britt

This demands video.

I would video my kids. But TV zombies aren't as interesting.

Ok, Where Was I?

Love that first sentence--mine is behind me now being a zombie. Whatev...as long as mom gets her blogging time.



I'm a bit anxious; this post is dated two days ago. Has anyone called poison control -- or the hospital?

Or Starbucks?

Suburban Kamikaze

We are all fine, thanks. Except that I never really got through the Sunday Times this week. It has left me feeling a little behind the news. Do we know yet exactly what a $4,500-an-hour hooker does?

And how long before we are expected to do it for free?

Rattling the Kettle

Not to get all graphic here, but the answers to your questions are:

1) It involved putting your tongue somewhere you would not necessarily think that you'd really want it to go; and

2) Next Tuesday, after Dancing with the Stars.

Suburban Kamikaze

That may be a record-breaking tipping point, Kettle. Does Malcolm Gladwell know about this?

Mr Lady

See? THIS is why I love you so.

Suburban Kamikaze

We love you too Mister, and not just because you put whiskey in our sippy cups...

Here is an excerpt from "Spices that Will Get you Laid" at whiskeyinmysippycup.com:

"Star Anise is just what it sounds like; shaped like a star. It’s a bit expensive, and you probably won’t use it for anything but this, but when people come over and see it in your spice rack, they will think you have mad gourmet skilz and are a chef to be reconded with. This is especially helpful if you are SINGLE..."

We like this so much we are not even going to take issue with "reconded."
You make it work somehow.



my son recieved this kit from his bus driver but there r no instructions, can anyony help

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