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That picture should really be of frosted blue berry poptarts. Everyone know that for a quick sugar rush, the blue berry flavor is #1.

suburban kamikaze

Well I assume that the school officials will take that into consideration, GC. In fact, they probably have an entire department devoted to it...


Oh man, now I really want a Pop-Tart. I'm going to convince myself it's okay because I have some really taxing internet surfing ahead of me tonight.


paying me would have been wonderful! i was a slack student but an awesome worker. never cared about being the best in the classroom but always want to be the best at my job, or at least do the very best i can... might have something to do w/ maturity though


Wonder what they do with all of the extra Pop Tarts from those kids who are ruining their parents' home values? I'll give 50 cents on the dollar.

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