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That is too funny. We've had 10 girls for a 12th birthday party, I wasn't 1/2 as prepared as you were {and it showed.}


Love it...What an awesome mom you are. I hope I can live up to your coolness with my 2 little girls.


Wow. I am so lame by comparison. I have a few years to get UN-lame, I guess. Great show, dahling.

Executive Suburbanite

I have to admire the technological prowess. You are a real wizard blogger. I think you have a real future in the new online media world.

Sarah is Ok

What a great thing for her to have to remember this b-day.


So Bossy assumes Pin The Tail On The Donkey is out of the question?

Miss Britt

I want to come to your next party.


that was awesome

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