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Mr Lady

Dude. Wow.

I am suddenly so freaking excited to have a 10 year old girl, there are no words. My son will be ten in...oh...hang on...10 weeks?

He would so go to see My Fair Lady with me.

Happy birthday to your girl!

cathy burke

My stepdaughter will turn 20 this summer but I still see her as 10-her age when we first met. I remember it as a magical time-one foot in childhood and one in adolescence. I walked that tightrope with her till she crossed over. I still forget which side she is on.

Executive Suburbanite

Enough of the kids birthday posts, Suburban. Bring back Lesbian Pool Party.

Robert K

Aw now hell.

Here I am, smugly satisfied that I have sons and only sons, who are so much easier, and can carry heavy things, and like to watch football, and think the cigar shop “smells great,” and can assist me in worshiping their mother.

Then I go and read this.

Happy Birthday, Fallon.


I was guessing maybe "the rain in Des Plaines falls mainly on the train station," but I like your ending so much better. Loverly, indeed.


She is so your child, especially the part about loving to defy her mother with changing clothes in the bathroom, and wearing the open-toed shoes in a snow storm, just like you would have when you hung out with those Greek girls in Tarpon Springs, except it would have been a sand storm.

suburban kamikaze

I was playing around with the rain in Spain thing, Foolery, but couldn't make it work. Plus I was "reining" in a tendency to always go one pun too far...(See what I mean?)
That will be the title of my autobiography probably...
Either that or "An Ellipsis Too Many" What do you think?

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