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[calmly] "You are NOT going to eat this ice cream bar for breakfast . . ."

[takes bars from him, unwraps one and shoves it in mouth}
". . . because I am eating it."

[mouth full, starting to drool now] "And then I'm eating the OTHER one for DESSERT."

No angst, no yelling, no problem.

Sarah is Ok

He's a smart little booger, isn't he? hard not to be a little proud of that, even in these moments.


Ms. Kamikaze, I really like your site, but I'm not sure I can continue to read it. My kids are grown up now (well, 22 and 25 anyway) and every time I read an entry about dealing with your kids I have a PTSD flashback and have to find some alcohol. Since I'm usually at work when I read your blog (breaktime!) this can be awkward. Oh, well, I'll just soldier on and ignore coworkers who ask me why I'm twitching.


See? Told you I'm twitching.


I love it!!


i thought i wanted smart kids. but i had a smart dog and she was really hard to take care of. now i have an inbred dog. he is easy to take care of. all moms must hate that all i can do is compare kids w/ dogs, but sorry thats all i got for now.
if my kid whipped out the words "implied" and "objections" I would be so proud. but i can see how it can be bad.

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