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Ducky sheets. Next time he does that he has to use his childhood ducky sheets as a substrate (or Thomas the Tank Engine or Barbie or whatever will embarrass him most). That'll larn 'im.

Sarah is Ok

This is lol funny, but I'm wondering who the favorite author is. B/c I'm nosy.

suburban kamikaze

David Sedaris, and he was great...

Sarah is Ok

OMG, you're so kind--you answered. He's someone who's been on my list for a long time to read. Since I'm turning into such a fan of your site, I may have to actually pick up one of his books and, gulp, read it. I swear, I'm not an idiot; I read. But I sometimes have to make my 2 year old get his own cereal (he usually ends up eating it off the floor like a dog and with the dogs) just so I can read all these new blogs I've just discovered (could I be more white imperialist? I discovered these...).


I got you beat on the explaining human reproduction thing. When my daughter finally pestered it out of me, I began to speak - and started to laugh. And couldn't stop.

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