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Sarah is Ok

Great post--from a mother who hears the word "fart" about 157 times a day.


Th New Yorker hasn't done diddly squat to cure me of my affinity for flatulence jokes. Maybe Vanity Fair . . . ?

An inspired post, once again!

Penelope Anne

Excellent post, first time visit via Whiskey in My Sippy Cup.


I love this post! My mother-in-law apologizes to me all of the time for her sons behavior. haha.


Boys. What can you do? I have three of them myself. I thought you could discourage playing with toy guns by not allowing them. Little did I know that they would just make them out of Legos... The "Y" gene simply can not be denied.


Ah...my little boy is still just 18 months old, so this piece just totally burst by bubble. But it also made me laugh out loud. :) I'm SURE you're right...


The first time I spoke with my son's girlfriend on the phone, I thanked her for putting up with him. She was nice enough to lie and tell me that it wasn't that difficult. I'm sure there's a letter of apology in my future too...

Lisa Stone

You have killed us. Just finished reading your post aloud to the father of my children and weeping with laughter. You are so right.

BTW, I found your letter by reading Jenn's post here: http://www.blogher.com/if-i-could-write-letter


I AM working on my son, and like you, am doing it for my future daughter-in-law. Each time he throws a 13yo fit about doing laundry, or the dishes, or vacuuming, I remind myself. "She's going to absolutely love me, I just know it" Somehow it helps to make it through the moment. (smile)

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