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So so so so so so so funny, with an extra "so" for good measure. Also? That cover gave Bossy the chills.

Executive Suburbanite

I felt this exact same way recently. And, by the end of a couple of chapters, seemed like my daughter was thoroughly bored anyway. What a letdown.

suburban kamikaze

You are not kidding... Nancy just does not hold up at all. At least we know Keith Partridge will never let us down, right?


I think you are all being too hard on poor Nancy. It's not like she had forensic experts at her beck and call. She did the best she could. Of course, I never read her as a kid and, thankfully, my daughter jumped right past her. Looks like I dodged a bullet.


oh. my. hell. the only thing worse now are the permutations of ms. drew. my 8 year old begs me to read nancy drew and the clue crew. can you say awful but geared toward the 1st and 2nd grade set?

you can't go home again, my dear.

but, here's something fun for next time -- check out the clarice bean books by lauren child. the chapter books. i actually want to read them again.

and for xmas (thought she's got a halloween book as well)? an oldie but goodie that cracks me up (and i'm a nice jewish girl) are barbara robinson's books, especially "the best christmas pageant ever." still holds up. i promise.

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