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What kind of suburban housewife article does not include the recipe? Are you using puff pastry or simple pie crust dough? Is it the recipe with the yogurt or without? (I have to make something in a hurry for a dinner party tonight) And really, in your neighborhood, the rabbit would be ostracized by his peer rabbits if he didn't get the designer spinach. Carrot tops indeed! What would the other rodents think?

Suburban Kamikaze

Where do you think you are epicurious.com? And I prefer the term suburban dilettante, if you don't mind.

Nevertheless, due to reader demand, I have added a link to the recipe for Feta and Spinach Tartlets With Spite.

Now, off with you. I have no intention of turning this site into a repository of useful information.


Adding one more entry to Liz's list of literary appellations...Cooking With Spite. (Note to editor, may be confused on bookshelves with very popular Cooking With Sprite titles)

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