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What an incredible honor, to be the subject of Kamikaze Mommy’s wicked wit and dead-on words. But this post brings up *the* question I have long wanted answered about Suburban Kamikaze. I know you wrote about me because I read your blog ... but what of your chump neighbors, those of the this-is-for-real Christmas ornament exchange and the pistachio salad? What of the creepy Old Fox? Do they know you’re a blogger, and even better, that you’re blogging about them? If not, what if they find out? Will you have to pack up the thankless children and move to a new suburb? Hope you will devote a post to this question someday. Thanks, KM, and we sure do miss you back here in Florida.

suburban kamikaze

Dear "Cynthia" - if that is in fact your real name:
Safely ensconced in my clever pseudonym, what repercussions need I fear? There are contributors to this site who have entire news staffs working for them, and yet remain safely unattributed. Journalism is not what is used to be...


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